When you are able to connect with your core value, it creates a ripple effect for healing, growth, and living a value filled life.

About Us

The Center For Holistic Psychotherapy exists to help you achieve the full and abundant life you were created to live. We offer professional therapy and counseling, in Warrenton, Virginia, to those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, marital or family issues, addictions, eating disorders, and other relationship and mental health issues. We approach healing from an holistic perspective, and believe in the mind, body and spirit working together in a healthy manner to bring you amore value filled life.

Our approach is one of compassion and empowerment. We believe that you have everything already within you to lead a rich and fulfilling life. Beliefs develop as early in childhood, along with core hurts and vulnerabilities experienced at various stages of life.

We help you examine your beliefs and guide you in a supportive environment to re-frame these beliefs into a more effective mindset so that you're better able to realize your goals and dreams to live the best life possible. We can also provide you with other referrals for wrap around services that may include yoga, nutrition and other wrap modalities.

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Our Team

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Anna Marie Askin-Evans LPC, LMFT, CGCS
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Anna Marie Askin-Evans, LPC, LMFT is the owner and director of the Center.

She holds licenses in both Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy and provides individual, couple, family and group counseling for children and adults. She also offers workshops and psycho educational classes for parenting, family core values, healthful eating, and individual empowerment. She along with her colleagues use various evidenced based therapeutic modalities and believe in a compassionate approach during the therapeutic process. Anna Marie is committed to helping each individual connect with their innate core value.


She is certified to offer supervision for Residents seeking licensure who have successfully completed graduate level degrees.

Anna Marie specializes in Core Value Work (reconnecting to one’s value), Depression and Anxiety. Family Systems, Couples Counseling, Parenting, Children and Adolescents. As a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist, she works with clients experiencing grief and loss, along with those who have experienced various forms of trauma, including PTSD.  She teaches her clients Anger Management and Coping Skills, utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches and providing psychoeducation.


She has a special interest in working with women's issues, teens, and family issues to restore a healthy familial environment with a family systems approach. She works with the juvenile court services unit and runs their diversion program.  Anna Mare believes it is important for our youth to find their own value by teaching them resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, respect, relationship investment and regulation of impulses and emotions.

Isabelle Heydt, MA  Resident in Counseling

Born and raised on a farm in Rappahannock County, Virginia, Isabelle received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Mary Washington and a masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marshall University. Isabelle is most at peace when she is in the outdoors, which motivated her 2016 thru-hike of the 2,189 mile Appalachian Trail.  Isabelle's experience is primarily working with individuals on the Autism Spectrum, along with working as a part of an Integrated Behavioral Health team in West Virginia.  Isabelle and her young family have recently moved back to the family farm and she is excited to reestablish her roots to give back to the community that helped raise her!  At the Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, Isabelle is most excited for the opportunity to work with grade school age children, adolescents, teenagers, prenatal/postpartum mother's, along with those individuals seeking support and healing during a challenging or new life transition. Isabelle's wellness approach is client centered and meets each individual exactly where they are in their journey of self exploration, acceptance, and betterment!

         Kelley Smith, MA          Resident in Counseling

Educating and enriching children and families for the past decade has led to Kelley’s pursuit of an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has worked with children, adolescents, and families with varying issues in learning disabilities, depression, anxiety and panic symptoms, anger issues, self-harm, and other behavioral concerns. Kelley practices trauma informed care and is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor with the National Council for Behavioral Health. She works with the Diversion program at the Center, in conjunction with the juvenile courts services, and continues to advocate for youth and their families in the local public school system. Kelley begins her internship at the Center and transitions into residency upon degree completion this year. Kelley believes in the intrinsic value of every individual through genuine relationship building and a holistic approach to wellness.  Kelley also work with couples to explore a deeper understanding of self to become a better partner in the relationship.