When you are able to connect with your core value, it creates a ripple effect for healing, growth, and living a value filled life.

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The Center For Holistic Psychotherapy exists to help you achieve the full and abundant life you were created to live. We offer professional therapy and counseling, in Warrenton, Virginia, to those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, marital or family issues, addictions, eating disorders, and other relationship and mental health issues. We approach healing from an holistic perspective, and believe in the mind, body and spirit working together in a healthy manner to bring you amore value filled life.

Our approach is one of compassion and empowerment. We believe that you have everything already within you to lead a rich and fulfilling life. Beliefs develop as early in childhood, along with core hurts and vulnerabilities experienced at various stages of life.

We help you examine your beliefs and guide you in a supportive environment to re-frame these beliefs into a more effective mindset so that you're better able to realize your goals and dreams to live the best life possible. We can also provide you with other referrals for wrap around services that may include yoga, nutrition and other wrap modalities.

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Our Team

Anna Marie Askin-Evans LPC, LMFT
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Anna Marie has been with the Marianne Clyde Center since May, 2015 and has acted as the Director of Adolescent Programs. Now she is taking over as the new owner of the Center as of January 1, 2019. Anna Marie Askin-Evans, Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, has over 13 years of experience in working with individuals to reconnect with their core value; due to core hurts and vulnerabilities from painful and traumatic events may cause one to feel devalued and lose sight of his/her true value. Anna Marie offers individual, couples, family and group counseling for children and adults.

Anna Marie has developed a series of “Know Your Core Value” Workshops that focus on connecting to ones Core Value: Parenting with Compassion and Core Value, and The Powerful Self, The Valued Self, and Core Value Eating. Each workshop takes a unique approach to personal healing and growth. Anna Marie also offers a “Core Value Family” intensive where she works with all members of a family to learn negotiation, collaboration, cooperation along with truly valuing one another. Anna Marie is involved in various community outreach programs, including providing psychotherapy for the Fauquier Free Clinic, empowerment group talks for the local homeless shelter, the Fauquier Health Wellness Center and other community groups in the Warrenton and surrounding areas.

Anna Marie also provides seminars in the workplace. In addition, she has developed the curriculum and format for the diversion program conducted at the Center through the Court Services Unit of the Dept. of Juvenile Justice. Her areas of interest include working with women who are victims of domestic violence, children and family issues to restore a healthy familial environment. She shares a unique approach to helping young children and adolescents find their own value by teaching them resourcefulness, responsibility, respect, relationship investment and regulation of impulses and emotions. Her childhood experience living in Central and South America has enabled her to work within culturally complex groups with sensitivity to gender and cultural differences. Anna Marie takes a compassionate approach to her work and believes everyone is born with value. She is committed to helping individuals discover the deepest part of who they are, by reconnecting to their own core value.

Michelle Leonard, LCSW

Michelle is an outpatient therapist with 20 years working as a mental health clinician.  Michelle earned her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland at Baltimore  (1998)  and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Virginia.  Michelle works with a wide spectrum of issues including mood disorders, anxiety/adjustment and obsessive/compulsive disorders, grief/loss, spiritual issues, anger management, women’s issues, eating disorders, and addictions.  In addition, Michelle works with trauma recovery and marital counseling.  She is trained in Relational Enhancement Therapy and has a passion for helping couples and families heal from brokenness and pain.  While Michelle draws from numerous therapy approaches/models ( Cognitive-Behavioral, Gestalt, Family Systems, Trauma model, Dialectic Behavior Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Psychodynamic) in her practice, she seeks most to be spiritually discerning and relies heavily on the power and authority in Christ Jesus.  Her hope in pain and healing is grounded in the promises and truths in the Bible.  She hopes to illuminate strengths, clarify truths for individuals, couples, and families, and facilitate healing for people  who are struggling.


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