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Workshops & Groups

Here at the Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, we are committed in offering opportunities for complete healing. In order to do that, sometimes a workshop or group can support the healing process. With that in mind, we periodically offer such activities.

Call 540-347-3797 to register for any group or workshop

We will be offering different group opportunities throughout the year in 2023, please check back on specifics once we launch them.  Thank you.

More details will follow for the group offerings, in the past we have done parenting groups, women's groups, anxiety groups, divorce groups, our core value groups, and a number of others.   

Parenting Group

This provides a forum for parents to feel supported during the various stages of parenting along with providing the participants with helpful strategies so they can parent with compassion.

Women's Group

Anxiety Group

Dealing with anxiety, depression and relationships.

Time limited psycho-educational group teaching practical coping mechanisms.

Core Value Workshop

Dates TBD

Core Value Parenting Workshop

Dates TBD

The Valued Self is 

The Powerful Self Workshop

Dates TBD

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