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Marriage & Family Therapy

Many things can cause a family relationship to break down. Our goal is to help you rebuild your marriage and other family relationships into a strong, purposeful, loving and supportive network, based on each member’s core value, respect for one another, and understanding of your differences, strengths and weaknesses. We help clients learn healthy boundaries, perspective taking and relationship investment.

We help couples explore areas, or triggers, that cause disconnection and guide each one to focus on the partner they most want to be by working on blindspots, and focusing on what assets they bring to the relationship. 

We help couples overcome the trauma and heartbreak of infidelity, make necessary changes, and come out stronger on the other side. Using a variety of communication techniques, some specific exercises that reveal areas that might benefit from change and other areas that just need to be strengthened and valued.


We help you learn from family history, using such instruments and the Genogram, and help you identify patterns that are healthy and others that may be destructive. The good news is that you can change your beliefs and behaviors once you recognize what they are and how they are affecting your family. Insight and understanding can be powerful motivation for change.

As  licensed marriage and family counselors, we have extensive experience in marriage counseling and relationship therapy.


In promoting healthy relationships, we help couples understand their own needs and feelings, helping each partner find the source and origin of his or her discomfort in a relationship. We explore the beliefs that promote the discomfort, whether they are anger, fear, intimidation, lack of intimacy, jealousy, feelings of neglect, mistrust, or indifference. We work on the relationship by changing the beliefs that create the negativity, all the while working on changing behavior patterns that are unhealthy. Relationship health and marital health are dependent on the emotional health of each partner; so that is our concentration.


If we only concentrate on changing behavior, without changing the beliefs, the chances of improving a relationship are very slim. On the other hand if we change the beliefs that keep us stuck, changing the behaviors is easy!

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