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An Inside Look Into Moving Offices

Now that we’ve moved offices, some of you may be curious as to the process of moving and why we decided to make this new change. We couldn’t be more pleased with our team growing so much that we needed more office space to accommodate all our therapists, and we were also lucky to have the logistics of a new space work out so well.


Years ago, we had rented a different space through our property manager, and a few months ago they came to us to see if we needed a larger space and to move a second time.

After making sure the space would work, we had to reconfigure it and knock out a wall to open the waiting room space. We additionally had to negotiate various aspects regarding moving to the new space including terms of the lease, labor and materials. We were fortunate to take advantage of great deals on furniture and decor that brings the whole place together (go check out our video of our tour)! Sharing the process with our team and having each therapist collaborate and give their input on the new office just made things so much easier and designed to everyone’s likings.

The only real issues we faced were coordinating a time to move (in order to prevent disrupting the flow of business and client sessions), dealing with internet and phone carriers, and replacing damaged furniture. Other than that, the process was entirely rewarding, and we’ve gotten so much positive feedback from our team and clients.We wanted the office to be inviting and make individual therapy offices feel warm, cozy, and comfortable, and we believe we’ve done just that.

This moving-in process took about 5 weeks, doing the official move during the week between Christmas and New Year's, as this is a slow time for all as clients and therapists celebrate the Holidays. 

We have room to grow within this suite and we wouldn’t want to do that anywhere else, as we have a wonderful rapport with our property management company, we love the location, and there is ample parking for our team and clients. We have signed a lease for the next few years; I never say never, but for now, we are happy in our new space and we’re committed to making this our “office home” for a while. 

Overall, our Center has grown a great deal in the last 5 years and we are excited to offer our counseling services to the community in our new space. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Our ears and doors are always open.

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