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Emotional Freedom and Independence

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Fitting for the 4th of July, let’s talk about Emotional Freedom and Independence.

As the air gets filled with cheer, laughter, and colorful fireworks, Independence Day is a time for celebration and reflection! July 4th is full of history and tradition since the birth of our independent nation in 1776. With this theme of today about freedom, let’s talk of that in our own lives and grow our sense of inner independence!

Emotional Resilience We can learn from our country in the sense that it’s challenged adversity and persevered. We must be emotionally resilient and both empower ourselves and others to bounce back from anything that comes our way. That can be anything from bouncing back after a bad day, to breaking free from Great Britain in 1776!

Self Reflection Let’s celebrate our own personal freedoms! Ask yourself: What have I conquered recently? Have I given myself enough credit? How is my emotional well-being? Take a moment to reflect and identify our areas of growth and weaknesses. Self-reflection is the first step to emotional freedom!

Independence in our daily lives In 1776, America had to learn that freedom is an ongoing journey, and we have to learn that ourselves too! It’s about continuously working on ourselves and beating the small battles. As we do, we should practice mindfulness, staying present in the moment, practice gratitude, and be kind to ourselves and others. With each victory in the journey, we have to allow ourselves to celebrate the progress we make as well!

Having hope If our nation let a negative mindset hold them back, we wouldn’t be the free country we are today. Negative thoughts and self-doubt hold us back. In addition to gratitude, we must practice positive affirmations. Instead of saying “I can’t do this” we should say “I got this!” This way, we explore our full potential and keep our minds positive.

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