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Summer- Adjustment and Open Communication

“The beginning of the summer season brings need for adjustment and open communication”

Summer has just begun, and while that sounds like relaxation, there’s some stressors that come as well.

Parents, for example, may have young kids out of school for the summer and have

to figure out childcare and/or how to entertain their kids themselves.

Childcare can be difficult to find, and time to spend with kids can be hard to find as well.

Parents of older children, additionally might have their college kids coming home for the summer after being away at school.

This can be exciting but it also changes the dynamic at home again, including by

introducing potentially new rules and responsibilities.

Outside of family, jobs tend to change over the summer for various reasons.

This includes seasonal jobs starting, school-year jobs (such as teaching) pausing, and the number of clients/customers of jobs changing.

To cope with all of the changes, it’s important to take it a day at a time, first of all.

It takes time to adjust to changes in season, especially when it comes to school and work.

Seeking help from a therapist, not only individually but potentially as a family as well, can be quite useful for navigating these changes.

Anna Marie Askin says, “Individuals and families can learn strategies in effective communication that includes ‘I’ statements and Reflective Listening, along

with skills for healthy conflict resolution.”

Other than therapy, though, there are many ways we can cope on our own.

A positive mindset and practicing gratitude are essential, and so is a break.

While a vacation might not be realistic for everyone, whether that be involving finance, time, or technicality, it is great for the summer.

However, a break can also mean finding healthy ways to unwind at the end of the night, some playtime with kids, watching a game on TV, or a night of


Enjoy your summer as much as you can, and know we are always here to help or talk!

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